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WPL Gifts

WPL Gifts - Nosey Little F*@ker Aren't You

WPL Gifts - Nosey Little F*@ker Aren't You

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Nosey little F*@ker aren't you! mug  decorated on the inside and out. Written in small lettering to drive the point home outside and so nosey decoration on the inside.

The saying "it's what's on the inside that counts" was the inspiration for these innovative 'Inside Out' mugs. From the outside, they appear clean and contemporary, with subtle and understated designs, but this tells only half the story... Peer inside and a world of bright colours, bold patterns, and quirky twists is revealed!

These make an out-of-the-ordinary gift - something new for those who have everything!

  • Height: 90mm  
  • Top diameter: 90mm 
  • Including handle: 130mm 
  • Base diameter: 70mm
  • 1 Mug with Gift Box

It's what's on the inside that counts

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