Koi Footwear

Your new vegan bestie

We are the cool vegan unisex footwear brand you’ve been looking for. We're thatfriend that hypes you up and tells you can wear whatever the fuck you want. It's YOUR life, and you are 100% the main character, you might as well dress like it.

Koi 🤝 Creativity

Creative freedom is all we know here at Koi. Whether it’s by launching our NAUGHTY WORDS Collection, a comic inspired photoshoot (and shoes) or releasing trainers with a (fake) samurai sword, we’re always aiming to push the creative curve. And yeah, we do totally sell beanz.

Too cool to be cruel

We also lead with compassion, because being kind is cool. We’re proud to be 100% vegan and are on a constant mission to be come a more sustainable and generally kinder company - because we do actually care.