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Prickle People

Prickle People -Triceratops Earrings, Dinosaur Gifts

Prickle People -Triceratops Earrings, Dinosaur Gifts

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Triceratops are Prickle People's daughters fave dino, and I absolutely love them tooa Heres my little rainbow tri, just for your ears! They are just 1.2 cm by 1.4 cm, laser engraved and UV printed. All Prickle People designs start as a scribble. They are then made into a vector image and sent to be laser cut. Each piece is cut from FSC certified birch ply wood (that means it's good for the environment!). They are either UV printed or carefully painted.

Your Prickle People jewellery is made to last but please remember to take care in order to keep your item looking amazing. Try to avoid contact with water, perfumes and sun creams. Accidents do happen, so please clean your jewellery gen

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